To our valued customers, suppliers and associates:

During this COVID-19 pandemic virus that is impacting our global community, Control Flow, Inc. continues to operate as a responsible Employer and a good Corporate Citizen in our community. We are following city,state and federal guidelines and CDC recommendations which are reviewed daily as appropriate for our company, employees, customers, their family and the community.

Control Flow,Inc. will continue to review and update our communications, travel advisories, and our on site-specific response plans, based on available information as applicable. CFI has already taken certain precautions to help keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus and any other viruses that impact employee health.

Here is what we at Control Flow, Inc.are doing:

Control Flow, Inc.Office and Manufacturing Facilities



All of our employees are advised to stay informed and follow their general doctors and CDC advice regarding both colds and flu and the COVID-19 virus:

We encourage yours and other companies and their personnel to follow these same or similar guidelines to help stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Please contact us if you have any questions.