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Assembly Job


  • Assemble and disassemble Pressure Control Equipment by reading and interpreting blueprints, assembly prints, and schematics.
  • Use of mechanical hand tools such as wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and screwdrivers.
  • Use of power tools such as battery powered drills, and impacts.
  • Use of machinery such as overhead cranes, JIB cranes, and forklifts.
  • Assemble & attach functional hardware to assemblies using mechanical hand tools and power tools.
  • Perform functional/continuity tests on completed assemblies per procedures.
  • Perform the startup and function test of equipment systems.
  • Perform visual inspection of components to verify quality and correctness to the drawing.
  • Troubleshoot systems and make necessary repairs or corrections to system or processes.
  • Perform other work-related tasks as assigned.
  • Comply with all CFI Company and HSE policies and procedures.



Job Type: Full-time

Transparency and Coverage

Control Flow, Inc. is a registered vendor to the U.S. Government "SAM" with registration managed by USFCR.


CFI Certifications

Control Flow, Inc. maintains the latest certifications to ensure quality, safe and functional products.




Product Spotlight

Control Flow, Inc. has introduced a new line of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves to compliment its Pipeline and Cavern Storage Valve product line.

Product Spotlight

Control Flow, Inc. has designed, manufactured and installed a Heave Compensator System for the launch and recovery of a Submersible ROV.


To our valued customers, suppliers and associates:

During this COVID-19 pandemic virus that is impacting our global community, Control Flow, Inc. continues to operate as a responsible Employer and a good Corporate Citizen in our community. We are following city,state and federal guidelines and CDC recommendations which are reviewed daily as appropriate for our company, employees, customers, their family and the community.

Control Flow,Inc. will continue to review and update our communications, travel advisories, and our on site-specific response plans, based on available information as applicable. CFI has already taken certain precautions to help keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus and any other viruses that impact employee health.

Here is what we at Control Flow, Inc.are doing:

Control Flow, Inc.Office and Manufacturing Facilities

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CFI WesTech Government Business and WesTech Aftermarket Sales Move To Houston's Office!

Our California Office moves to our Headquarters in Houston, Texas!

 9201 Fairbanks N. Houston Rd. 
 Houston, Texas 77064-6206

 Phone: 281.890.8300
 Fax: 281.890.3947

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CFI Engineering Employee/University of Houston Engineering student part of team in Good Company with other University Teams as finalist for NASA Challenge

Control Flow Inc. is proud to announce our sponsorhsip of UH Cullen College Engineering students in their advancement as finalists in NASA’s 2019 Special Edition: Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting Challenge.

As stated in UH Cullen College Engineering's article "Control Flow Inc., ... made extensive in-kind donations of materials and parts for the project."

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CFI FLOCON Pressure Control Equipment 5-Year Maintenance and Certificate Program for CFI and other OEM /Rebranding of BOP and Manifolds


CFI through its U.S. facilities in Houston, TX and Moore, OK plus its network of Authorized Repair Facilities around the world can provide inspection and repair of BOP’s and manifolds inaccordance with CFI and API standards (6A Sect. 53 for manifolds and 16AR for BOP’s) as applicable for required 5-Year Maintenance and issue a Certificate of Compliance for such work.This service is available for CFI manufactured equipment as well as that of other OEM’s which will then be “Rebranded” as CFI equipment. Upon completion of the 5-Year maintenance work by CFI or one of its Authorized Repair Facilities, a Certificate of Compliance and Data Book will be issuedby CFI for the equipment.

For other OEM equipment to qualify for this service and “Rebranding”, it must not originate from China or India and CFI must be provided a copy of the equipment’s original DATA BOOK from the OEM.

The specifics of the 5-Year Maintenance Program are contained in the CFI Operations and Maintenance Manuals under “Maintenance”. All work, whether performed by CFI itself or one of its Authorized Repair Facilities is under the control and approval of CFI and performed in accordance with applicable CFI API standards. There are specific requirements for CFI Authorized Repair Facilities that must be followed and completed including the final inspection of all work details and records by CFI in order that a C of C and Data book be issued.

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Control Flow, Inc. Introduces New Family of Pipeline and Storage Cavern Valves

Made in the USA, Control Flow's new Type E expanding gate and Type S solid gate Pipeline and Cavern Storage Valves will be introduced at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference at Control Flow's booth #3331. Meeting the requirements of API 6D, these new valves are manufactured in and utilize all materials originating in the U.S.A. Based upon field proven design features these valves provide dependable Bi-Directional sealing capabilities utilizing both TFE-To-Metal and Metal-To-Metal Seat Seals; are corrosion resistance; ensure long life; and offer flexibility whether incorporating the solid gate (Type S) or parallel expanding two piece wedged gate (Type E).

These valves are currently available for both Class 600 and 900 service, in sizes from 4" to 10" and in Temperature Ranges of -20 to 350 degrees F (-29-177degrees C). For ease of operation, either the Type E or Type S valves are available in manual hand wheel operated, Bevel Gear Operated, Hydraulic Operated or Pneumatic Operated configurations. Sizes in 12" to 20" are presently in development by Control Flow, Inc. and will be available in the future.

Control Flow, Inc. Meeting Your Pipeline and Storage Valve Needs Worldwide

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