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5 Year Maintenance and Certificate Program

5 Year Maintenance and Certificate Program

CFI FLOCON Pressure Control Equipment 5-Year Maintenance and Certificate Program for CFI and other OEM /Rebranding of BOP and Manifolds


CFI through its U.S. facilities in Houston, TX and Moore, OK plus its network of Authorized Repair Facilities around the world can provide inspection and repair of BOP’s and manifolds in accordance with CFI and API standards (6A Sect. 53 for manifolds and 16AR for BOP’s) as applicable for required 5-Year Maintenance and issue a Certificate of Compliance for such work. This service is available for CFI manufactured equipment as well as that of other OEM’s which will then be “Rebranded” as CFI equipment. Upon completion of the 5-Year maintenance work by CFI or one of its Authorized Repair Facilities, a Certificate of Compliance and Data Book will be issued by CFI for the equipment.

For other OEM equipment to qualify for this service and “Rebranding”, it must not originate from China or India and CFI must be provided a copy of the equipment’s original DATA BOOK from the OEM.

The specifics of the 5-Year Maintenance Program are contained in the CFI Operations and Maintenance Manuals under “Maintenance”. All work, whether performed by CFI itself or one of its Authorized Repair Facilities is under the control and approval of CFI and performed in accordance with applicable CFI API standards. There are specific requirements for CFI Authorized Repair Facilities that must be followed and completed including the final inspection of all work details and records by CFI in order that a C of C and Data book be issued.

RE: 5-Year Maintenance and Certificate of Compliance For CFI Manufactured Equipment And Other OEM Manufactured Equipment

  1. While approved work and repair for 5-Year Maintenance by a CFI or CFI Authorized Repair Facility is authorized by Control Flow, Inc., the actual Certificate of Compliance (C of C) will only be issued by Control Flow, Inc., Houston, Texas.
  2. CFI Engineering will provide technical support as required for all equipment maintenance, repairs and approvals for C of C’s.
  3. CFI Quality and Engineering will review and approve any welding procedures and qualifications as applicable.
  4. The CFI or Authorized Repair Facility will receive, inventory and inspect the equipment to be re-certified.
  5. Inspection reports listing the equipment and indicating critical dimensions and hardness for all equipment to be recertified will be submitted to CFI engineering and quality control. This report will include anticipated repair and welding procedures and welder qualifications, as applicable. CFI engineering and quality will review, approve and/or make recommendations and advise the CFI personal and/or Authorized Repair Facility accordingly.
  6. All required replacement parts will either be supplied by CFI or approved by CFI, in advance, for acquisition from a nominated vendor.
  7. Work will be performed in accordance to CFI guidelines and approvals and according to CFI equipment material and drawing requirements and tolerances.
  8. Any additional work or requirement for replacement of material or parts that is determined during the repair process will be reported to CFI for review and approval prior to inclusion in the repair process.
  9. Once work is completed, a report will be provided to CFI including documentation for all work performed, all materials required and inspection and test reports as applicable.
  10. After review and acceptance of the documentation, provided by the CFI shop or Authorized Repair Facility; by CFI Engineering and Quality departments, a Certificate of Compliance (C of C) will be issued for the equipment being re-certified.
  11. For 5-Year Maintenance and Re-Branding of non-CFI manufactured equipment (Other OEM) the above applies. However, the following is also applicable for such equipment:
    11.1 CFI will not perform 5-Year Maintenance, Re-Brand and issue a C of C for any equipment manufactured in China or India.
    11.2 A copy of the original Data Book for the equipment supplied by the original OEM must be provided.
    11.3 The OEM equipment design must be equivalent to in design, form, fit and function as equipment engineered and manufactured by CFI and for which CFI has design files.