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Linear Cable Laying Tensioner

Linear Cable Laying Tensioner

The Linear Cable Laying Tensioner is designed for use on various vessels as a portable or permanent installation. The surface pressure is very low to prevent damage to the cable or tube being laid. The (CLT) machine represents the ability of CFI-WesTech to produce equipment to the specific requirements dictated by the customer’s needs. Our equipment is always a fully engineered solution.


For more information on any CFI-WesTech Linear Pipeline Machines and equipment, contact Control Flow, Inc.’s WesTech Operation with the following information:

  • maximum pipe tension required
  • maximum pipe speed possible during vessel movement
  • maximum pipe weight per joint
  • average pipe joint length
  • type of pipe coatings expected
  • pipe joint maximum outside diameter, including the coating
  • choice of electric VFD driven tracks or hydraulic motor driven tracks (Note: Engine driven power units or electrically driven power units can both be supplied. Starboard side, Port side)
  • ramp orientation on the pipe lay vessel (Note: Center lay pipe ramp orientation dictates certain design considerations of the linear pipe tensioner and are critical for determining equipment)
  • Other equipment details will be determined by the exact application and typically are vessel specific
  • If any equipment including LPT’s are available to be moved from one vessel to another
  • any requirement for portability in the required pipe tensioner system