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Linear Pipeline Recovery Machines

Linear Pipeline Recovery Machines

CFI- WesTech has recently developed its new Linear Pipeline Recovery Machine (LPR). This patented design technology is specifically applicable to pipeline decommissioning applications as mandated by regulations in many countries to recover and dispose of abandoned pipelines and flow lines.

The LPR machine operates much like a Linear Pipe Tensioner, with its primary function to aid in the recovery of previously laid pipelines which are no longer in use. The (LPR) machine is designed for use on a pipe-lay, or other similar vessels to reverse lay (recover) pipelines currently on the seabed. The design facilitates gripping forces not achievable on any known existing equipment of comparable size. Either concrete covered or bare pipe can be gripped and held firmly by the (LPR) machine as the pipe is in-hauled during the recovery of the submerged pipeline.  Various gripping pad designs, best suited to the particular surface/coating, can be utilized as applicable.   

For added versatility and economic utilization, the (LPR) machine can also be used and operated as a normal Linear Pipe Tensioner, when equipped with standard traction pads. Plus, a portable version is available to provide additional flexibility and utilization.